Martine FlorusMartine Florus

  • Certified Physical instructor (Belgium)
  • Physiotherapist (Belgium)
  • Teacher and Certified 4 Dimensional Body Worker
  • Universal Tao Instructor (Master Mantak Chia, Thailand)
  • Certified Cosmic Healing Practioner
  • Certified Divine Feminine Awakened Masculine Spiritual Sexual Educator

About 16 year ago I started my journey of reconnecting with myself by

becoming a student at the school of 4 Dimension Life Art (Belgium). As a
Physical Ed. instructor and a Physiotherapist, I experienced and witnessed
many injuries and physical discomfort within myself and others as well.
Some of these injuries magically disappeared and others stayed forever. At
that point, I was still looking at the symptoms or at the very least, the injury
instead of looking at the whole human being. As I later learned through
the 4 Dimensional Bodywork, no ailment is isolated or separate, but rather
interconnected through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
body as one. It is only when there is an absence of balance between these
4 dimensions that we are in pain or dis-ease at some level. Our physical
and practical world (body and daily life) will show us exactly where we
are disconnected within ourselves; we just need to learn to read the signs.
Through my studies with the 4 D-Bodywork, I learned how the unity
of everything in my life and the whole of the cosmos could be seen and
experienced within myself. This intelligence lies at the base of who we
are and everything that has taken place in our lives. Religious, social and
scientific conditioning has caused nearly every one of us on this planet to
lose the direct connection with this source. The challenge for everyone lies
in the (re)experiencing of this life force and staying in the unity, despite the
dualistic world we live in.

By opening the body in ways that I never knew were possible (through
various techniques that were offered during my 5 year training, like
Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, cranial sacral work , fascia release, communication,
coaching, Universal Tao meditations, yoga, Qi Gong, etc…) I slowly started
to surrender and trust my body’s wisdom and intuitive power. For the
first time, my life finally made sense to me. I became a certified 4 D-Body
Worker and teacher. And as my journey continued I became a certified
Cosmic Healer and a certified Universal Tao instructor in Thailand. (I
studied with the Master Mantak Chia).

Three years ago I came to Maui for the first time. I fell in love with the Spirit
of Aloha and the Mana (energy of the land). I attended the Divine Feminine Awakened Masculine Institute, workshop on nurturing, awakening and
healing our essential, sexual and spiritual energy. Again, I experienced and
connected to my full human potential and was filled with unconditional
love. In December 2009 and after completing 3 additional modules, I
became certified as a Spiritual Sexual Educator and have touched many
women’s lives through my teachings and sessions, which is a culmination of
all my experiential knowledge, practices and wisdom.


e-mail – martine.florus@gmail.com

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